InfoPol serves as a secondary source, providing an analysis, interpretation, or restatement of primary source materials such as legislation, Victoria Police Manuals (VPM's) and other pertinent materials relevant to the role of Victoria Police members. While the insights offered by InfoPol can be valuable, it is crucial to bear in mind that it doesn't constitute a primary source. For accurate information, it's advisable to cross-reference and consult primary sources directly. # Table of Contents For the full table of contents, please see the left-hand side. Each category contains numerous entries. Below is a list of main-categories and the more 'important' information I have collated: 1. [[10.00 Resources]] 2. [[14.00 Equipment]] 3. [[20.00 Offences]] 4. [[30.00 Theory]] 1. [[30.01 Evidence Act 2008]] 5. [[40.00 Procedures]] 1. [[41.00 Initial Action and Investigation]] 1. [[41.01 Initial Action Guide]] 2. [[43.00 Briefs of Evidence]] 1. [[43.02 Preliminary & Full Briefs]] 3. [[44.00 Family Violence Hub]] 1. [[44.02 Family Violence Response Guide]] 2. [[44.08 Identifying a Predominant Aggressor]] 4. [[46.00 Bail and Remand]] 5. [[47.00 Correspondence]] 1. [[47.01 Information Reports]] 2. [[47.02 LEAP Forms (VP Forms)]] # Who Made It >[!QUOTE] Senior Constable Nathan HAYMES (44425) >I have dedicated my career to curating and summarising this repository of knowledge since I began at the police academy. Engaging in compiling this resource has been an invaluable learning experience for me, and I highly recommend others leverage it as an excellent starting point for your own research endeavours.